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Child Labour: Global Challenges, Issues and Policy (Hardbound-2022)

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Child Labour: Global Challenges, Issues and Policy offers a comprehensive study on the global situation of working children and the social, political and economic causes leading to their employment. With a focus on the situation in India, the book explains how employing underage workers has increased in recent time, and how it directly interferes with the overall progression of countries worldwide. It further shows how COVID-19 has aggravated the depreciation of the economy to such a level that more and more children are joining the workforce as child labourers. It presents surveys of the current scenario and qualitative studies on child labour, substantiated by the latest data, relevant statistics, and updated figures and charts. The book concludes by proposing procedural measures to tackle and curb the social menace. 
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Product NameChild Labour: Global Challenges, Issues and Policy (Hardbound-2022)
Original PriceINR 1495.00
AuthorPartha Chatterjee; Anil Bhuimali
PublisherSage Publications
Publication Year2022
SubjectBusiness Management
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