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Ivanhoe (Paperback - 2023)

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About the Book

Scott’s most beloved and exciting adventure, Ivanhoe is a vivid recreation of Norman-Saxon conflict in 12th century England. Framing a royal myth of national cultural identity and drawing on the conventions of Gothic fiction with its risky and racial themes, Scott has skilfully explored the violent origins and limits of English nationhood. After returning from the Third Crusade, Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe claims his inheritance and the love of Rowena. His heroic adventures involve him in a war against John, a malignant brother of Richard with whom he has allied. The struggle brings Ivanhoe into an alliance with the infamous Robin Hood and he has to save the sensual Rebecca who also falls in love with him.

A purveyor of sensation and entertainment, this historical fiction is an engrossing trip into a vanished world. No lover of fiction would afford to miss this classic that is marked for its fascinating characters and situations, suspense, dark deeds, sword play, humour and pathos, and of course, rich romantic story of star-crossed lovers.

About the Author

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) is popularly known as the originator of the historical novel in England, though he tried his hand at poetry, novel and drama. Walter was born and brought up in Edinburgh, and started his professional career at the bar in 1792. But the young man had developed an early interest in the traditional border tales and ballads of the countryside. The three volumes of Scott’s Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border appeared in 1802-03. This was followed by several volumes of poetry. He turned his attention to novel writing by 1813, and since 1814 there had been a long series of novels succeeding one another which enjoyed immense popularity in their own times. Ivanhoe belongs to this period. Among other remarkable novels of Scott one can mention Waverley (1814), Rob Roy (1817), The Heart of Midlothian (1818), The Bride of Lammermoor (1819), Kenilworth (1821), etc.

Scott had also written a number of plays, and some important historical, literary and antiquarian treatises.

Scott was designated baronet in 1820.

As initiator of the genre of historical novel, Scott has exercised great influence over subsequent generations of novelists in his own country and abroad, and has been generally acknowledged as ‘the father of historical fiction.’

Since its first publication in 1819, Ivanhoe has enjoyed a unique popularity among all kinds of readers for its special flavour of history and romance combined in one. One of the reasons is the author’s deft use of the elements of chivalric romance; another is his introduction of two of the most popular heroes of England, i.e., King Richard, the lion-hearted, and Robin Hood. The story is full of action and glamour. Besides being the most popular novel of Scott, Ivanhoe was also the first of his works to be set in England. The story takes place during the reign of Richard I. Cedric, the Saxon noble, is displeased with his son Wilfred of Ivanhoe for showing interest in his ward Rowena whom he intends to marry off to Athelstane, a youth of royal Saxon blood. Ivanhoe goes away to Crusade where he comes in contact with King Richard. In the meantime the king’s brother John, who stays behind in England, tries to occupy the throne with the support of disloyal Norman barons. His plans are, however, frustrated by the timely return of Richard who, in disguise, helps Ivanhoe at the tournament to defeat John’s knights including Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert. The latter gets infatuated with Rebecca, the beautiful Jewish girl, whom he has seen at the tournament. Rebecca, along with her father Isaac, Rowena, Cedric and the wounded Ivanhoe, are captured by Norman barons and kept imprisoned in Torquilstone Castle. While the king, with the help of Robin Hood, storms the castle and rescues the prisoners, Rebecca is smuggled away by Bois-Guilbert to the Preceptory of Templestowe. Though his designs on Rebecca fail owing to the arrival of the Grand Master of the Order, Rebecca is accused of witchcraft. Now Ivanhoe appears as her champion to fight a last duel with Bois-Guilbert.

The novel bears evidence to Scott’s mastery in the art of story-telling. In spite of a number of anachronisms the reader is held captive under the spell of the absorbing story with its vast and richly varied galaxy of people, pace of events, colourful sequences, gorgeous setting, romance atmosphere, etc.

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