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The Best of Children's Classics (Set of 8 Books): Best Gift Set for Kids

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About the Book

The Best of Children's Classics Book Set Contains 8 Books

1. Robinson Crusoe: "Published in 1719, Robinson Crusoe has remained one of the best-known and most read of English novels. It gained popularity among children and adults alike.

2. Gulliver's Travels: "Gulliver's Travels, first published in 1726, was an immediate success and was read 'from the Cabinet - council to the Nursery' (Gay). It continues to appeal to readers of all ages, both as a travel book and as a powerful satire. George Orwell rates it among the six most indispensable books in world literature.

3. The Time Machine: "The Time Machine is a social allegory set in the year 802701 A.D., describing a society divided into two classes, the subterranean workers, called Morlocks, and the decadent Eloi.

4. Treasure Island: "Treasure Island, a wonderfully crafted edition of Stevenson’s classic adventure story, is known for its great plot, immortal characters and vivid images.

5. Kidnapped: Kidnapped is an adventure book that focuses very much on travel.

6. Black Beauty: Black Beauty translated from the original Equine, the fictional ‘autobiography’ of a talking horse, first published on 24th November 1877, is Anna Sewell’s only novel, composed in the last years of her life between 1871 and 1877 while confined to her house as an invalid.

7. The Invisible Man: This nightmarish tale by H.G. Wells contains all the suspense and adventure of science fiction at its best.

8. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

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