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Truth and Illusion (Paperback - 2010)

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About the Book

Creation of universe has been an enigma since time immemorial. Matter is made of energy. E=mc2 is an established scientific fact. Energy, in essence, is an expression of natural forces. Natural forces recognised so far are electromagnetic force—a strong force binding the nuclear particles, weak force of radioactivity, force of gravitation and a recently recognised force binding together the quarks. It has been suggested that all these forces are essentially part of a unified field force of nature.

Forces exhibit as field, as wave and sometimes as particle radiation. To explain their behaviour exactly various theories, e.g. quantum theory, relativity theory and string theory have been postulated in physics. But their changing behaviour is complicated enough to be understood fully by any one theory. They all are debated, discussed, modified, challenged, cancelled and formulated, again and again to reach new syntheses.

“Consciousness” appears to be one variant of this field force of nature. Space, time and the unified field force of nature interacted to create this universe. Consciousness incorporated into matter and the living world happened. Life, in essence, is conscious awareness of self and an intense desire to perpetuate it for ever. This desire of eternal perpetuation is termed as survival instinct which reflects in the complex behaviour patterns of all living organisms, starting from sexual behaviour to sports and politics. The nature is governed by the principles of perpetuity, dynamicity, infinity, uncertainty and cyclicity.

As nature keeps on changing, everything changes with the passage of time. The profound change in the system of an organism ultimately accumulates detrimentally and this natural machine first gets deranged or diseased and finally stops working. The expression of consciousness ceases and we call it death.

Mental conditioning since childhood imparts attachment to family, society and nation at large. Food habits, beliefs, cultural imprints and faith in various gods are the other fallouts of conditioning.

The book Truth and Illusion contains seminal essays on all these aspects of life including matter, energy, time, consciousness, survival instinct, pain, grief, sorrow, anger and violence, among others. The readers will find it interesting and informative.

About the Author

Anil Kumar Sinha is a doctor by profession. He had a brilliant academic career. He received national merit scholarship from secondary school education right upto MBBS which he did from Darbhanga Medical College in 1978. He completed his MS from the same institution.

Sinha served the Govt. of Bihar in various capacities since 1981 including a short span of six years as a junior teacher in surgery. He has published many papers on medical science in professional magazines and articles in local periodicals. He is not only a versatile surgeon but also has a profound outlook as a thinker. His knowledge, experience and analyses of human life and its emotions reflect in his work.

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