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Undergraduate Algebra: A Unified Approach (Paperback - 2019)

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About the Book

This textbook offers an innovative approach to abstract algebra, based on a unified treatment of similar concepts across different algebraic structures. This makes it possible to express the main ideas of algebra more clearly and to avoid unnecessary repetition.

The book consists of two parts: The Language of Algebra and Algebra in Action. The unified approach to different algebraic structures is a primary feature of the first part, which discusses the basic notions of algebra at an elementary level. The second part is mathematically more complex, covering topics such as the Sylow theorems, modules over principal ideal domains, and Galois theory.

Intended for an undergraduate course or for self-study, the book is written in a readable, conversational style, is rich in examples, and contains over 700 carefully selected exercises.

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Product NameUndergraduate Algebra: A Unified Approach (Paperback - 2019)
Original PriceEUR 34.99
AuthorBresar, Matej
Publication Year2019
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