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The Atlantic Literary Review   The Atlantic Literary Review (Quarterly) ISSN 0972-3269

The Atlantic Literary Review is a quarterly peer reviewed referred journal which is intended as an authoritative organ of opinion about a wide range of literary subjects. This journal presents the work on different aspects of literary studies and explores the different ways that literary texts respond to their cultural context.

Although it has a special interest in Indian Writing in English but it also publish articles on literatures written in English anywhere in the world. Papers are invited from any genre of literature and on any well-known writers (from Shakespeare and Dickens to Plath and Beckett.) The Journal presents articles which provides theoretical and methodological contribution to the existing literature and forms basis for further research in this field.


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The Atlantic Critical Review   The Atlantic Critical Review (Quarterly) ISSN 0972-6373

The Atlantic Critical Review fulfils the long felt need for a research journal of international standard in English with a focus on the authors and the text prescribed in most universities in India. The journal brings a range of cultural and multidisciplinary perspectives to the study of English literature. It also provides a forum to our young scholars for publishing their well-researched papers.

In India we have good many journals, but unfortunately not many good journals in English, and most journals are infrequent, and often extremely irregular in publication.

This journal, thus, envisaged, is a site where senior academics and young scholars, engaged in a common pursuit address issues mainly related to the English syllabus of Indian universities/with some wider groupings into areas of general academic interest notwithstanding.


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The Atlantic Review of Feminist Studies   The Atlantic Review of Feminist Studies (Quarterly) ISSN 2320-5105

The Atlantic Review of Feminist Studies is a quarterly peer reviewed referred journal that aims to disseminate the recent developments in feminist studies from a wide range of national, cultural and social contexts. The journal seeks to actively reflect and engage the diversity within feminism itself, the diverse experiences and situations of women and the varied forms that gender takes across the globe.

In our attempt to seek out new ways to remain a vital forum for scholars as well as activists involved in all aspects of feminist practice, our goal is to provide an intelligent forum for feminist discourse to give voice to a variety of opinions on issues of gender and women power. We believe that words can change the world!

It would be our earnest effort to publish work that explores the multiple theoretical paradigms and political agenda of contemporary and historical feminist scholarship and the potential intersections and tensions between these paradigms and agenda.


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