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Print on Demand

Print On Demand

Atlantic’s Print-On-Demand (POD) service is one-stop shop for you if you are looking to push aside large upfront costs and unsold book clutter. Simply tell us when and how many to print. You take control of the cost of printing by printing only what you sell. Walk through an obstacle-free path to more sales and lower overheads by using Atlantic’s POD service. In a nutshell, Atlantic’s Print-on-Demand spells production flexibility, order efficiency, and faster turnarounds for you.

Why POD?

  • Tailor-made for your publishing needs, Atlantic's Print-On-Demand solution has been designed to help you not only cut the cost of printing, but also expand your market reach and optimize profits on every book sold, whether one copy or a thousand.
  • Discoverability is the name of the game! Make your title(s) available to the largest book distribution network of wholesalers, global booksellers, libraries, and online retailers.
  • Low upfront costs - Better inventory controls so you can avoid having to purchase and store hundreds of books. By eliminating warehousing costs, the overheads are significantly reduced!
  • Faster turn-around times - Most book orders print and ship within 2-3 days.
  • Revive your backlist sales and extend the life of your catalog. Out of print titles can be brought back to life.
  • Dedicated fulfillment specialists working behind the scenes to ensure customers get their orders on time.

Make it happen!

A word-class print-on-demand platform, it cuts the distance and time between you and your customers by only printing what you need and when you need it.

  • Email your titles to Atlantic at [email protected]
  • Display/upload title information on various online stores. We will also help you to display your title for online sale at reputed web stores.
  • Customers order your titles—online or in stores. Atlantic will print only those books.
  • You choose how they are shipped—direct to you or your customers.

This is the deal

We are adaptable. In addition to promising an efficient and cost-effective way to print high-quality books, Atlantic’s print on demand services are also incredibly flexible. We have a print and distribution model to fit your objectives and needs.

From order to production to fulfillment, we have you covered with direct-to-publisher options, wholesale solutions, global distribution, custom publishing, and custom print direct mail.

Our Print-On-Demand Products

Constructed with care, Atlantic makes available a huge selection of book types, bindings, and trim sizes, from the most popular to the most specialized.

When it comes to producing books, speed and reliability are not our only strengths. Before your books are even packed, they go through several quality control checks. Every print-on-demand product features sharp graphics and crisp text comparable to offset copies, using some of the most advanced print technology in the world.