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5g Multimedia Communication: Technology, Multiservices, and Deployment (Hardcover - 2020)

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About the Book

In bringing to the readers the book 5G Multimedia Communication: Technology, Multiservices and Deployment, the aim is to present current work and direction on the challenging subject of multimedia communications, with theoretical and practical roots. The past two decades have witnessed an extremely fast evolution of mobile cellular network technology. The fifth generation of mobile wireless systems has achieved the first milestone toward finalization and deployment by 2020. This is vital to the development of future multimedia communications. Also, it is necessary to consider 5G technology from the performance point of view by analyzing network capabilities to the operator and to the end user in terms of data rate, capacity, coverage, energy efficiency, connectivity and latency.

The book is divided into three major parts with each part containing four to seven chapters:

- Critical enabling technology

- Multiservices network

- Deployment scenarios

The first part discusses enabling technologies, such as green communication, channel modeling, massive and distributed MIMO and ML-based networks. In the second part, different methodologies and standards for multiservices have been discussed. Exclusive chapters have been dedicated to each of the open research challenges such as multimedia operating in 5G environment, network slicing optimization, mobile edge computing, mobile video multicast/broadcast, integrated satellite and drone communication. The third part paved the way to deployment scenarios for different innovative services including integration of a multienergy system in smart cities, intelligent transportation systems, 5G connectivity in the transport sector, healthcare services, 5G edge-based video surveillance and challenges of connectivity for massive IoT in 5G and beyond systems.

The book is written by experts in the field who introduced scientific and engineering concepts, covering the 5G multimedia communication areas. The book can be read cover-to-cover or selectively in the areas of interest for the readers. Generally, the book is intended for novel readers who could benefit from understanding general concepts, practitioners who seek guidance into the field and senior-level as well as graduate-level engineering students in understanding the process of today's wireless multimedia communications.

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Product Name5g Multimedia Communication: Technology, Multiservices, and Deployment (Hardcover - 2020)
Original PriceGBP 94.99
AuthorBojkovic, Zoran
PublisherCRC Press
Publication Year2020
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