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Dog Perfect: The User-friendly Guide to a Well-behaved Dog (Paperback - 1995)

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About the Book
Are you at the end of your leash with your dog? Tried everything and nothing seems to work? Don't give up hope--your dog can be DogPerfect, too, with the simple training instructions in this book. DogPerfect takes you through the basics step-by-step. Chapters include:
  • Who Is Your Dog, and How Does He Learn?
  • What You'll Need To Train Your Dog
  • Starting Off On The Right Paw
  • Basics For Your Best Friend
  • Encyclopedia of Canine Etiquette

Your dog will learn how to Sit, Stay, Down, Come and Heel like the well-mannered dog you want him to be. At the same time you'll learn how you contribute to your dog's sense of self and how to boost your leadership status so your dog listens to and respects you. DogPerfect will have the two of you working together as a team in no time.

You'll Learn How to:

  • Stop your dog from pulling you down the street.
  • Teach your dog to sit while greeting company.
  • Housetrain your dog once and for all.
  • Play fun and instructional games with your dog.
  • Use the Teaching Lead to humanely calm and control your dog.
  • Handle problem barking, chewing and digging and much more
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Product NameDog Perfect: The User-friendly Guide to a Well-behaved Dog (Paperback - 1995)
Original PriceUSD 12.95
AuthorSarah Hodgson
PublisherHowell Book House
Publication Year1995
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