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Economics of Taxation (Paperback - 2022)

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About the Book

In the domain of Public Finance, the study of taxation is an important component. It is taught to the students of economics, business and public administration in all colleges and universities.

The present book Taxnama: Economics of Taxation encompasses the lectures delivered by the author to the students of economics and public administration. In a world characterized by the presence of ‘asymmetric information’ and ‘economic uncertainties’, taxation is regarded as one of the three ‘glorious certainties’. The other two being ‘price rise’ and ‘death’.

Right from the emergence of State, the issue of taxation has attracted the attention of government, advisors of the government and the commoners. Government’s interest can be attributed to a desire to collect more revenue. Advisors are interested in the study of economic gains and losses that are commonly associated with taxation. The commoners look at the whole process of taxation, sometimes with awe, anger and distrust and at other times as a civilized method of discharging their duties as law-abiding citizens.

The book presents in detail, some of the issues which normally receive a passing mention. Another significant feature of the book is non-mathematical treatment of some of the highly mathematical issues involved in taxation. Suitable figures, flow charts and tables have been used to make the book more comprehensible. It will prove useful to the students and teachers of taxation. It will also help those working in Private as well as Public sector in understanding the major issues related to taxation.

About the Author

Dr. Sayed Afzal Peerzade, M.A., Ph.D. (Economics), is presently the Head of the Department of Economics, Karnataka State Women’s University, Bijapur. He also worked as a Consultant, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy at New Delhi and as an Academic Counselor, IGNOU, Bijapur Study Circle, Bijapur. He has authored three books, viz. Expenditure Tax in India: Feasibility Problems and Prospects; Islamic Public Finance and Policy; and On Islamic Taxation. Besides, he has edited Readings in Islamic Fiscal Policy and translated Islamic Public Economics. He has to his credit several research papers published in peer-reviewed journals. He has participated and presented papers in various seminars and conferences. He is also a member of Indian Association for Women’s Studies, Mumbai; Council for Teacher Education, Bhopal; and Society of Labour Economics, New Delhi. Dr. Sayed Afzal Peerzade has also acted as Ph.D. guide/research supervisor. Five research scholars have received Ph.D. under his guidance.

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Product NameEconomics of Taxation (Paperback - 2022)
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