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History Of Medieval India: From 1000 A.D. to 1707 A.D. (Paperback-2022)

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About the Book

This book deals with the Medieval period of Indian History. Most of the historians consider this period as the dark period of Indian history. According to them, ancient period was the glorious period of Indian history. During this period foundation of Indian culture and of social structure was laid; but during medieval period India did not make much progress. In spite of historians' opinion, it can be said that during medieval period also progress was made and several buildings were constructed during this period. Great development was made in art, painting and literature. Hindi Literature made great progress during this period, as such, Kabir, Tulsi, Surdas, Jayasi, Rahim and Raskhan are still considered among the greatest writers of Hindi Literature.
Urdu, Punjabi and other regional literatures made great progress during this period. Sikh religion, Bhakti cult and Sufism also made great progress during this period.
This book deals with all aspects of medieval Indian history in detail to meet the requirements of the students and the common readers.
The book is divided into three parts. First part covers Saltanat period from 1206 to 1526. Second part deals with the Mughal period from 1526 to 1760 A.D. in detail. Third part covers period upto 1857 in brief. Bhakti movement, Society and Culture, Art and Architecture, and Economic aspects have been described in details in a very simple and lucid style.

About the AuthorDr. R.S. Chaurasia, M.A. in English, History, Economics, Political Science, LL.B., holds Ph.D. degree in History. He is the retired Principal and Head of the Department of History and Political Science, Rajdhani College, University of Delhi. He has taught in different colleges under different universities for four decades. He has written about forty books on English, History and Political Science. He is a reputed author of thirty years standing. He has contributed more than hundred papers in leading Journals as well as in different University books and Newspapers. He has also taught P.G. Teachers of Delhi Senior Secondary Schools under the auspices of the Delhi State Institute of Education for about twenty years. He has recently been awarded “Millennium Award” of 2000 A.D. at Farrukhabad Mahotsav, Uttar Pradesh. His other books include : Recent Times History of Political Thought; History of Modern China; History of Middle East; History of Western Political Thought; History of Medieval India; History of Ancient India; History of Europe 1 to 4 Vols.

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Product NameHistory Of Medieval India: From 1000 A.D. to 1707 A.D. (Paperback-2022)
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AuthorR.S. Chaurasia
PublisherAtlantic Publishers and Distributors (P) Ltd
Publication Year2022
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