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RSS and BJP: Boon or Curse (Hardbound-2023)

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About the Book

The book exhaustively deals with the general belief that RSS and BJP&—are against Muslims and Christians; want to set up Hindu Rashtra; propagate Hindutva; want to change the Constitution; are not in favour of tri-colour National Flag; are responsible for Hindu-Muslim riots; and believe in Fascism of Hitler and Mussolini. All these aspects have been exhaustively discussed taking extracts from relevant published literatures authored by the persons associated with the RSS and BJP, or who have seen the rise of RSS and BJP very closely from the grassroot levels. The book discusses the rise of RSS and BJP, their philosophes, high and low in their journey, and the role of people who have put the seeds of these organizations, along with the remarks and behaviour of non-RSS and non-BJP leaders towards these organizations. The book studies how the seed of RSS was put in Nagpur by Hedgewar which became a big tree covering whole India. Next, it deals with the constitution of RSS and its working philosophy. It also studies the remarks of Congress and Mahatma Gandhi on RSS and the RSS concept of Hindu Rashtra and the Congress concept of secularism. Birth and rise of Jana Sangh have been studied along with the birth of BJP from its parent organization Jana Sangh and its Phoenix-like rise in the political ecosystem of India.

About the Author

Sheshrao Chavan is a prolific writer. He has been an astute university administrator, Chairman of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Aurangabad Kendra, Vice-President (worldwide) of the Association of World Citizens, which has NGO status with the United Nations and Consultative Status with United Nations Economic and Social Council and a World Citizen. He has delivered keynote address at the International Conference on Reforms and Revitalization of the United Nations held at San Francisco in 2004. He has also addressed a number of meetings and workshops at the United Nations’ Headquarters in New York. He has also addressed a conference of Fellow of Reconciliation (FOR) at Seattle in Washington. He has addressed the Chief Justices of the world at their 3rd International Conference held at Lucknow in 2002.
Mr. Chavan’s book on Sardar Patel and Sharad Pawar have been released by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, respectively. His book on Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari has been released by Former Chief Justice of India, Justice R.C. Lahoti. His book This was Man was released by Mr. Kamalnath, former Minister of Commerce in Government of India.

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Product NameRSS and BJP: Boon or Curse (Hardbound-2023)
Original PriceINR 995
AuthorSheshrao Chavan
PublisherAtlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd
Publication Year2023
SubjectPolitics and Current Affairs
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