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Terrorism in America (Paperback - 2018)

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About the Book

Offering a fresh perspective on the changing face of terror attacks, Terrorism in America focuses on domestic groups, examining the beliefs, actions, and impacts of American-based terrorists and terror organizations. Editors Robin Valeri and Kevin Borgeson and their contributors draw on theories from criminology, psychology, and sociology to explore the ideologies of right-wing, left-wing, and extremist religious groups--how and why they convert followers, recruit financially, and take extreme action against others. No competing text offers such in-depth and nuanced coverage of the radical ideologies behind these attacks, or the ensuing fear domestic terrorism creates, as well as the strategies to combat violent extremism.

A core text for domestic terrorism courses and an excellent supplement for any counterterrorism or homeland security course, Terrorism in America brings its singular focus to the growth and evolution of terrorism in the United States. Interviews, case studies from the field, and chapter themes make this a highly readable text for criminal justice, psychology, sociology, and homeland security students, professors, or practitioners.

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Product NameTerrorism in America (Paperback - 2018)
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Publication Year2018
SubjectLaw and Criminology
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