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Mathematics for Social Sciences (Paperback - 2019)

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About the Book

This book is aimed at students in social sciences programs that include some course in quantitative methods. Stats for social sciences is frequently the subject of textbooks, while maths for social sciences is often neglected: monographs on specific themes (like, for instance, social choice systems or game theory applications) are available, but they do not adequately cover the topic in general. This textbook stems from the Bocconi University's new "Bachelor in Government", which was launched in 2015, and is intended for undergraduate students who do not exclude maths from their toolbox. It discusses various concrete applications in political economics, political science, sociology, and demography and explores topics like Grexit, Macron's success, immigration effects and the Arab Spring.

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Product NameMathematics for Social Sciences (Paperback - 2019)
Original PriceEUR 49.99
AuthorPeccati, Lorenzo
Publication Year2019
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