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Readings in Educational Psychology (Hardbound-2022)

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About the Book

Readings in Educational Psychology provides a panoramic view of modern-day research in educational psychology for the advanced students planning to specialize in psychology and research. It aims at students in training colleges and university departments of education, who are always inclined to and are capable of studying basic theories and important experimental findings. It is rich in its material, and the topics included have been chosen for their relevance to child growth and development, and to classroom learning. The historical perspectives of psychology are presented so as to clarify the various current approaches to educational psychology, including that of the so called “third force” or humanistic psychology, cognitive psychology, and Piaget’s theory.

The articles included in this volume emphasize current and varied developments in the field and clearly show the intimate relationship of theory and fact. The purpose is to help the reader assimilate the experimental and research-oriented developments. Theoretical concepts are presented through empirical data from which they have emerged, thus conveying how systematic ideas evolved from data and data from ideas. There are eleven divisions in the book and in each division, there are five to ten articles that lie in a specific field, each article describing the study of a particular topic in the format of a formal research paper, giving a complete account of design, analysis, interpretation, results, etc. In most cases the material has been given in its entirety including diagrams and tables to help students realize the significance and the implications of what they have read.

The realistic approach of this book makes it useful for teachers. In its total structure, this is a significant book for any student or teacher who is keen to understand the nature of man, his capacities, his motives, and his value systems.

About the Author

S.B. Kakkar, a well-known psychologist and educationist, was formerly Head, Department of Psychology, Government College of Education, Patiala; Principal, Government College, Sangrur; Head, Department of Education, Correspondence Courses, Punjabi University, Patiala. He has also worked as Psychologist on Government of India’s Service Selection Board, Psychologist in Government of India’s Merit Scholarship Scheme, and in Pre-Selection Centre for Defence Officers. He conducted and guided research at post-graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral levels and produced several Ph.Ds. He has also constructed and standardized various tests. His tests—Self-Acceptance Inventory (KSAI), Interest in Teaching Scale (KITS), and Fitness in Teaching Scale (KFTS)—have been published and are widely used. He has published several articles/papers in reputed national and international journals. He won national acclaim for his research work on Evaluation and Scholastic Performance for which he was awarded Role of Honour by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

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