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The Call of the Wind (Paperback-2023)

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About the Book

Buck, a St Bernard-Scotch Shepherd mix, is kidnapped, stolen from his home in Santa Clara, California, and sold to serve as a sled dog. Set in Canada in the backdrop of the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s, The Call of the Wild by Jack London is a short adventure story about survival and existence for Buck. Despite extreme conditions and abrupt transitions—from being pampered by Judge Miller to witnessing tragic ends of his teammates—he overcomes challenges and surfaces as a leader. Buck must fight his primitive enemy dog, Spitz and act on his love for Thornton, a man who showed him love—all in midst of deciding his fate. Ultimately, Buck is left with a quandary—whether to return to the city or answer the call of the wild. The novel, The Call of the Wild (1903), is London's most celebrated work and has never gone out of print. It also has major film adaptations with the same title.

About the Author

Jack London (1876–1916), born as John Griffith Chaney, in California, U.S., was a writer, journalist, and activist. He was largely self-educated and one of the earliest writers to earn significantly through writing. He wished to escape poverty, and at the age of twenty-one, he quit university and sailed over to join the Klondike Gold Rush, which influenced his writings. He experienced being a sailor, a hobo, and an agitator for jobs but remained unsuccessful until he unerringly started writing short stories, poetry, and novels. His first story Typhoon off the Coast of Japan, based on his sailing experiences, was published in 1893. London’s struggle for survival during Canadian Yukon and the Klondike Gold Rush inspired To Build A Fire, which is considered his best short story. The term and genre ‘science-fiction’ has been popularized by him essentially. He wrote about life, death, and survival with dignity and integrity. Other notable works by London include White Fang (1906) and Burning Daylight (1910).

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Product NameThe Call of the Wind (Paperback-2023)
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AuthorJack London
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Publication Year2023
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